Property Management Services
1. ‘The Service’ to be provided by the Agent when Letting Residential Property
With reasonable skill, care and diligence to:
1.1 advise the Client as to his statutory obligations in respect of letting private sector accommodation and ensure these obligations are met prior to letting the property;
1.2 advertise and/or otherwise market the Property in the manner(s) agreed or to be agreed with the Client, to include using our register of applicants, inclusion other website portals that we deem to be appropriate and, if necessary, supply a “To Let” board;
1.3 take enquiries from prospective applicants;
1.4 receive applications and, having obtained references, submit the same with a recommendation to the Client for instruction, who will make the final choice of Tenant;
1.5 when included in the chosen package or purchased separately, arrange for an appropriate Schedule of Condition and Inventory of fixtures, furniture, equipment and effects to be included in the letting with a note of their condition, and obtain the prospective Tenant’s agreement of them;
1.6 provide the Tenant with a current EPC Certificate and Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate if installed, in a timely manner;
1.7 make arrangements for the preparation and signing of relevant statutory notices and the letting agreement, act as Agent for the Client and sign the Agreement as Agent with the Client’s authority which is given on accepting these terms, unless agreed otherwise and without acceptance of any other liabilities of principal. Copies of the signed Agreement will be sent to the Client and the Tenant;
1.8 collect the Rent payable upon commencement of the Tenancy, and, as stakeholder, any deposit receivable, and hold such disbursement in accordance with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, Membership Number EW8353, code of conduct;
1.9 collect the ongoing Rent, and forward the balance to the Landlord, less the Agent fees and any deductions, in a timely manner;
1.10 notify the appropriate statutory undertakers of the name of the Tenant and appropriate readings at the commencement of the tenancy;
1.11 within a reasonable time following execution of the letting
(a) send to the Client the full details of the Tenancy and current inventory (where included in the package or purchased separately); and
(b) account for the initial Rent received, less the Agents fees and any other expenses, fully itemised, to be reimbursed by way of deduction from the Rent received;

Full Terms and Conditions can be requested by emailing or write to Foundation Living, Unit 8, Northwest Business Park, Servia Hill, Leeds, LS6 2QH.